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Last week, we hosted a Shibui Mix Party, where we got to learn more about a fabulous yarn company, Shibui Knits. Shibui Knits is based out of Portland, Oregon, and was founded by Darcy Cameron. "Shibui" means "elegant with a touch of bitterness" in Japanese, and they try to bring that sentiment to all of their products. Darcy is unapologetic about her love of unique fibers and tactile experiences, and this is at the core of Shibui's mission. Shibui isn't just about knitting - it's about creating dazzling textiles. They work only with the highest quality fibers, and bring a clean, modern aesthetic to their designs. In the words of Jess, our local Shibui rep, when you work with Shibui, you are working with the Cadillac of yarns.

At our Mix Party, we each got to sample all ten of Shibui's yarns, including the brand-new Dune. Dune is spun out of baby alpaca, baby camel, and silk. What makes fiber "baby"? The designation "baby" refers to the micron count of the fiber, meaning this fiber has a low micron count and is super soft. 

Their Fall/Winter 2015 collection has some gorgeous patterns featuring Dune.

Column   uses Dune and Cima

Column uses Dune and Cima

Cornice   uses Dune and Silk Cloud

Cornice uses Dune and Silk Cloud

The official Shibui Fall Knig-Along will be the Motif shawl, knit in Dune. We can't wait to wrap ourselves in this delicious yarn! The Knit-Along kicks off on September 23rd. Visit the official Shibui KAL Ravelry thread for details and grab your Dune here! We provide you with a free copy of the Motif pattern when you purchase the yarn with us. 

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