Circle of Stitches

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are your hours?

See our hours here!

Where can I park?

Click here to see a general map of parking in the downtown Salem area. There is free 2-hour parking right on Pickering Wharf, where we are located. November through May parking is easy to find on Pickering Wharf. During the summer months, Salem gets a lot of tourists, but it tapers off at the end of August. The last two weeks of October are our peak tourist season (Tip: There is always plenty of open parking earlier in the day). During those busier times, it can be harder to park on Pickering Wharf, but please don't let that deter you! Salem is a beautiful walking city and you'll see plenty of lovely stops on your way. You may not always be able to find parking right on Pickering Wharf, but here are a few options (and if you're in a hurry, use our Drive Thru service and we will come out to your car):

- There is a free parking lot for Pickering Wharf customers on Congress Street, a super short walk away! Click here to see it on a map.

- Metered parking along Derby Street, Congress Street, or Hawthorne Blvd.

- Free street parking along Congress Street. You may need to walk 2-3 blocks, but there is almost always parking here. You can also grab a delicious slice of pizza at Deli House on your way. We think it's the best pizza in Salem. 

- South Harbor Garage, on the corner of Congress Street and Derby Street, is very inexpensive. This is 2 blocks away.

- Metered parking lot at the corner of Front Street and Lafayette Street. It's only a 5 minute walk, and you can grab a coffee and pastry at A&J King Artisan Bakers on your way.

- Museum Place Garage is a little further away, but also only a 5 minute walk

- Free parking around Salem Common. Also a 5 minute walk. 

- Parking at Salem Depot. There is ample parking at the garage. It is a 10 minute walk, but you can stop at Hauswitch and Roost, some of our favorites shops, and grab a coffee and pastry at A&J King Artisan Bakers on your way. 

- Free parking by the Salem Ferry. It is a 10 minute walk, but you can stock up on fresh hand-made pasta at Jean Louis Pasta Shop or get some ice cream at Captain Dusty's on your way. 

Also, don't forget to take advantage of our "Drive Thru" service. We understand you may be in a hurry. Give us a call (978-745-9276) and place a phone order, and we will bring your purchase to your car when you arrive.  

Do you have classes?

Yes, we offer lots of classes and events! Check our class listings and full calendar

Can I hang out and knit at Circle of Stitches?

Community is an important part of Circle of Stitches, and we are happy to provide a seating area for our patrons. We welcome yarnies of all ages to visit us and knit for a while. Please keep in mind that while we, the staff, love spending time with all of you, we may not be able to sit and chat with you while you visit. We do need to help customers, fill orders, and take care of the shop, but are happy to have you visiting us. If you are not a patron and are looking for place to hang out, Jaho is a lovely coffee shop around the corner from us. 

We also have our Sip n' Stitch nights. Held the 1st and 3rd Thursdays, Sip n' Stitch nights are an opportunity for our patrons to bring their projects for a fun social gathering. 

Do I have to knit with yarn bought at Circle of Stitches if I hang out?

We currently don't have a hard rule against knitting with yarn bought elsewhere, especially if you are a regular customer at Circle of Stitches. However, we do appreciate it when you work on yarn you purchased with us. We hope to be around for a long time, and your support is very important to us. Please keep in mind that our seating area is for our patrons (and for patient partners waiting for you while you browse). 

Will you help me if I get stuck on my project?

We pride ourselves on providing very hands-on assistance to our customers. When you purchase your yarn with us, you get our promise to help you successfully execute your project. If you have a question, drop in any time and we will do our best to work with you. We ask that you keep in mind that we may have to help other customers depending on how busy the shop is, but we will make sure you get the attention you need. If you need more extensive help, please consider coming to a scheduled drop-in session or book a private lesson. We love helping, but we need to make sure we can tend the shop during regular business hours. 

If you did not purchase your yarn with us and need project help, we are happy to assist you during our drop-in sessions or with a private lesson. The hour long drop-in sessions run on Tuesday and Saturday, and are $10.If you can't come during our drop-in hours, want help sooner, or don't need a full private lesson, you can come by and get help any time (with the caveat that we aren't really busy when you come in) for the same $10 drop in fee. 

Scheduled drop-in sessions are $10, and run on Tuesdays from 11 to noon and Saturdays from 10 to 11. During these times, we have someone on duty specifically to help with projects, so we are able to provide you with more attention during these sessions than during regular business hours. 

Can you special order yarn for me?

If you are looking for more of a yarn we carry, or a different color, we are happy to special order it for you. If you are looking for a yarn we don't carry, we can sometimes get it for you depending on which brand and what quantity. If we cannot get it for you, we will refer you to a shop that can.

I can't get there today, can you hold merchandise for me?

We can always accept online or phone orders, and hold your purchase for you until you can come by. If you don't want to pay ahead of time, we can hold unpaid merchandise for up to 3 days. After 3 days, we will return unpaid merchandise to the sales floor. Thank you for understanding. 

Can I wind my yarn at your shop? Will you wind it for me?

We have a yarn winder set up for patrons, and you are more than welcome to wind any yarn you purchased with us. You can even come back and wind it at a later date if you don't have time on the day of purchase. If you don't know how to use a winder, let us know and we will show you. 

We are happy to wind yarn for patrons who are unable to wind if themselves due to physical limitations, time permitting. We probably can't wind 8 skeins of lace weight yarn for you on the spot, but if you leave the yarn here with us, we will let you know when we've had a chance to wind them all. 

Can I exchange yarn I bought at another shop for something at Circle of Stitches?

We do not accept merchandise purchased at other businesses. Thank you for understanding.