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YOTH Yarns

We are delighted to be one of YOTH Yarn's flagship stores. These yarns are only available in-store or for phone orders. You can reach us at or 978-745-9276. 

YOTH Yarns are lovingly curated by Little Brother (Danny Jobe) and Big Sister (Veronika Jobe), dyed in a beautiful dye house in Maine and then shipped to you from our home in Woodinville, WA. These are the lines we presently carry:



100% Domestic Rambouillet & Merino wool blend

Daughter: Worsted weight, Approximately 330 yds

A collaboration between Cestari Sheep & Wool Company, established 1946, and YOTH Yarns to create a signature new yarn base. We pride ourselves on working with companies that have the same values and work ethic that we strive for everyday. Cestari Sheep & Wool Company is a family owned business that produces some of the most beautiful yarns on the market and shares a story that we love and admire. We are honored to add this superb yarn to our YOTH Yarns lineup.

Daughter is a masterpiece of rugged tradition that will last for generations. It is a woolen spun 3-ply Worsted weight wool blend that is perfect for cables, textures or just good ol' stockinette stitch. This yarn is sturdy yet soft, long wearing yet lightweight, and has a homey unrefined slight thick thin nature to it. It is available in a Daughter a 150g/330 yd skein or Daughter Mini a 75g/165 yd skein (found here). Find the word Natural in the color name to know it's undyed.

Best Friend:

 75% Virginia Cotton, 25% Domestic Wool

Best Friend: Light fingering weight, Approximately 550 yds

Best Friend, a beautiful blended 4-ply yarn of 75% cotton & 25% wool, a custom project for YOTH Yarns by Cestari Sheep & Wool Company. This yarn is the perfect companion for the warm summer months, but has just the right amount of wool for elasticity and comfort of knitting. We developed this light fingering weight yarn base with Cestari to not only transition nicely between seasons, but to have a lot of character and zest. The yarn is spun with a thick-thin look and little slubs throughout to give it an earthy almost raw silk vibe, while being cotton affordable. The base yields 550 yds to 100 grams and goes far!

We then had it dyed for the wool portion of the blend, which creates a multi-dimensional feel and complexity in the colors. We chose 9 favorites from our current three palettes and of course left an undyed natural: Cracked Pepper, Shiitake, Oyster, Blueberry, Mint, Olive, Ginger Root, Mango, Peach & Natural Vanilla (the undyed). The softened, heathered versions of our original colors are sure to become new favorites. 

The unique dye process of this yarn does mean that there will be some remaining excess dye in the yarn. We chose not have this yarn over processed by double washing to keep the product as eco-friendly as possible. As the item is washed and worn the excess dye will come out and slightly heather and fade the item further over time, adding to the character of this yarn. We recommend that you are careful in combining this yarn with others in multi-color projects due to the nature.