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Recycling Yarn from Old Sweaters!

Join Siobhan Kelleher of Boston Wool Works for a trunk show and a workshop!

Class: Recycle Yarn From Old Sweaters,

May 1st 10:30 am to 1 pm

Do you have old sweaters that are no longer in style but are holding gorgeous yarn hostage? All of our closets, attics, and basement, not to mention local thrift stores, are great sources for some fun yarn experimentation and exploration. In this class, we’ll do a hands-on tour of the full process, including tips for selecting an appropriate sweater, tricks for undoing commercial seams, deconstruction techniques for maximum yarn harvest and minimum frustration, proper washing and winding techniques for various materials, how to prep your yarn for knitting/crochet/weaving, and project ideas. Click for more details and registration! ONLY 2 SPOTS LEFT!

Trunk Show: May 1st, 1 pm to 5 pm

Siobhan will be sharing a gorgeous selection of upcycled yarn (including some hand-dyed), and hand-dyed silk scarves. Siobhan searches far and wide for gorgeous yarn trapped in sartorially-challenged sweaters and sets it free for your enjoyment. Come “taste” the yarn and see how delicious knitting with free-range yarn can be!