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The Ways We Care for Ourselves

Ana CamposComment

We are halfway through 2018 and this is our first blog post of the year, wow! It's been such a busy year so far. We celebrated our 3rd anniversary, and have been working hard to refine our vision and our mission. 

As a yarn shop, our goal is to provide amazing yarns sourced from unique companies, excellent project guidance, inspiration, and community. But as someone who is so passionate about fiber crafts and the positive effects they can have on our lives, I can't help but see what we do as something bigger, broader.

I love helping each and every one of you find the perfect project and grow as fiber artists. Over the last three years, though, I've come to understand the fiber arts as a form of self-care and community building. It brings me immense joy to see so many different and amazing people come together to share in their passions. I've witnessed special friendships blossom (and of course developed some truly special friendships of my own). Our world is so very lacking in places where people can gather and bond, and we are so honored to be one such place. When we announced ourselves as a Safe Space, we received so many messages of appreciation from so many people in the community, and we strive to continue being a place of inclusion and acceptance. 


As we've grown and figured out who we want to be, I've focused heavily on the idea of self care.  Many of you have enjoyed our new offerings, such as our tarot workshops, collection of oracle decks, full moon meditations, crystals, and more. It's not everyone's cup of tea, and that's okay! We are still delighted to be part of your fibery journey, whatever that may look like. For me, knitting is very much a form of self-care and meditation, and the ways we have expanded are an extension of that. We want to support you not just in your craft, but in other ways you can care for yourself. 

One of our new collections is herbal sprays and tinctures. I've worked with herbal remedies for many years, and am excited to bring these to the shop. We've partnered with SnakeRoot Apothecary and Wooden Spoon Herbs, both woman-owned producers of herbal goods. Both Rachel and Lauren work in small batches and with American-grown herbs to provide herbal products to support body and heart. 

We look forward to many more years of fiber arts, inspiration, laughter, self-care, fun, and more! And of course, if you have thoughts to share with us, we are always happy to listen.

With much love,