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The Vasa Top: Knit it in the Round


I'd been coveting Dianna Walla's Vasa top for ages, and when Berroco Remix Light arrived in the spring I knew it would be the perfect yarn - tweedy, wool free, lightweight, and made of 100% recycled fibers. 

Dianna's pattern is written to be knit flat, but being slightly impatient, I modified it to knit in the round. Here's how to modify the pattern if you'd like to knit it in the round too (don't forget to buy your copy of the pattern first):





Casting on: Find the cast on number for your size. Take this number, multiply it by two, then subtract four stitches. This is your new cast on number. What this does is give you enough stitches for both back and front at once, and removes the selvedge stitches since you won't be seaming. Join in the round and place a beginning of round marker. 

Ribbing: rather than following rows 1-4 as written, K1, P1 all around for all four rounds.

Rows 1-10: Follow as written, but change the purl rows for knit rows since we are in the round.

Work in this manner until you have your desired length to the underarms. Now you will be working flat. Split your stitches in half, half for the front and half for the back. 

Working the first half, now follow rows 1-10 as written in the pattern (knit flat). End having completed Row 7.

Now you'll be defining your shoulders and binding off the neckline. Look under "Finishing" on the pattern to figure out how wide your shoulder will be. For example, if you have a 6" shoulder, that should correlate to approximately 36 stitches. Knit the next 36 stitches, bind off until you have 36 stitches left, and knit to the end. You will now have a bound off neck line, with 36 live stitches on each shoulder. Place on scrap yarn or a holder and set aside.

Re-join your yarn under the arm so you can finish the back. Knit as you did for the front.

Once you have both front and back finished, with your neckline bound off and live stitches, line up the shoulders for seaming. You can use either a three-needle bind off, or grafting. 

To use a three-needle bind off, turn your top inside-out so the right sides are facing, and bind off the shoulders. 

To use grafting, keep the top right-side out, and graft the shoulders. 

Weave in all your ends, block, and done!