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Introducing Quince & Co

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At Circle of Stitches, we are committed to supporting small, unique yarn companies whenever possible. This fall, we are partnering up with Quince & Co and we couldn't be more excited! 

Quince & Co is local to New England, based out of Maine. In 2010, founder Pam Allen partnered with a historic mill to design yarns from the ground up, using wool sourced in the U.S. Quince is deeply committed to supporting American ranches and mills to produce high-quality knitting yarns. You can read more about their story and values here. 

So far, we've introduced Sparrow and Willet. Sparrow is a beautiful lightweight linen, sourced from Belgium. The U.S. does not produce commercial quantities of linen, so Quince & Co turned to the heart of historic linen production in Belgium to source organic linen yarn. Sparrow uses no toxic chemicals in any stage of its production. If you've never worked with linen before, here is an excellent blog post by Quince on working with this fiber.

Willet is a lovely, minimally-processed cotton yarn. It is spun from Cleaner Cotton, which is grown by family farmers in California. Cleaner Cotton is the product of responsible farming and reduced water use - read all about it here

Starting in September, we are introducing Quince & Co's core wool line, kicking off with Chickadee. Their core line is made of American wool grown in the ranges of Montana and Wyoming, and is a blend of Merino, Rambouillet, and Columbia-based sheep. Ana has already knit up a Sibella pullover, which you can see at the store, and plans on casting on Ebba in a couple of weeks when Chickadee officially arrives. 



Sibella Pullover

Sibella Pullover

Quince & Co yarns will not be available through our website, but can be purchased in-store or on the phone. We can be reached at 978-745-9276.

All images courtesy of Quince & Co