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Handmade: Liz Smith of Smith Dry Goods

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We are all about local and handmade, and we are so excited about our newest addition: handmade felted sheep ornaments to bring you some holiday cheer! 

These adorable sheep are handmade by artist Liz Smith, under the business name Smith Dry Goods.  Liz runs Smith Dry Goods out of a studio in an old textile mill called Western Avenue Studios in Lowell, Massachusetts.


She works with wool; needle felting, crocheting, and knitting small accessories, pincushions, and ornaments which are pretty, quirky, and sweet. She also offers polymer clay jewelry, paper goods, and is starting to introduce sewn goods into her product line. Liz was trained in fine arts and has been making and selling things since the 1980s. She loves the community of makers she has been able to meet on the internet, at craft shows, and at the studio.